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Extensive features, easy and affordable platform LenoosIt is a smart way of digital transformation to design, customize and publish all kinds of content, catalogs, posters, publications, libraries and digital archives, which simply transforms the experience of professional interaction with the audience or customers of businesses into receiving feedback and online reporting. .

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Why use Lenoos?

Lower cost, unlimited release

Publish unlimited digital catalog links and digital publications without heavy printing costs.

Applied in marketing and sales

With Lenoos presentation, you will have better, more professional and attractive services and products in line with more sales.

Landing page in digital marketing

Have targeted landing pages in campaigns with smart catalogs and digital publications.

Environmental Protection

Contribute to the preservation of the environment by using the digital catalog and digital publications of Lenoos.

Availability of communication channels

With interactive links on digital catalog pages, customers and audiences will always be in touch with you.

Availability of other catalogs and publications

With the link of any catalog or publication, your other content will also be available.

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As easy as a digital catalog
make your own

With the Lenoos online software, you can create digital catalogs and electronic publications very quickly and easily without the need for any expertise, and personalize and publish them based on your brand approach. The whole process will take no more than a few minutes, and of course the Lenus support team will be with you every step of the way.

Build and publish fast!

Upload and customize

PDF file of your catalog and publications In the Lenus panel Upload and customize. Lenoos quickly digital version کاتالوگ شما را می‌سازد.

Publishing with only one link

لینک کاتالوگ دیجیتال و نشریات الکترونیکی را از راه‌های مختلف یا در بازاریابی دیجیتال منتشر کنید.

Lead capture

Capture customer information or leads for sales and marketing promotion.

Get statistics and increase sales

By analyzing the statistics received fromlenoos panelلنوس فروش محصولات و خدماتتان را بررسی کنید و استراتژی خود را بهبود ببخشید.

Catchy, interactive and attractive display environment

Your digital catalog and electronic publications will be exposed to customers in an attractive, engaging and interactive environment. They get access to the content and specifications of your products and services very quickly. From here, they can access your website, social pages, more information and ways of communication with interactive and functional links.

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Personalize and share your content with Lenoos features!

Get visit statistics

Get visit statistics

Publishing with a dedicated domain

Publishing with a dedicated domain

being multilingual

being multilingual

Insert link and video

Insert link and video

Ability to collect leads

Ability to collect leads



Catalog update without changing the link

Catalog update without changing the link

Embedded in the website

Embedded in the website

Digital catalog is a practical tool for marketing and more sales

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Lenoos’ easy-to-use platform allows you to create stunning digital catalogs featuring videos, images, podcasts and more, giving you a powerful tool to showcase your products and services to a wider audience. Whether you’re a large corporation, a nonprofit organization, or a government organization, Lenoos digital catalogs help you reach new customers, increase sales, and promote your brand.

The many features of the Lenus platform provide the conditions for creating a customizable digital catalog for any business. With Lenoos, you can publish videos, photos, graphic images, podcasts and everything needed to introduce products or services at once, in the form of digital catalogs, with just one link.

Digital catalogs are a new way of marketing and are aligned with the changing needs of businesses and customers. The screen of the Lenoos platform is optimized to correctly and accurately display all types of content on mobile devices, which makes it easy for customers to view your products or services and thus make a purchase. This issue cannot be ignored in today’s market where more customers are using smartphones for shopping.

Upload the PDF file of your publications, books and magazines and add videos, images, music, podcasts and useful links to them and all kinds of specialized and attractive content in the form of a digital publication in a professional, interactive, modern and practical way on a wider level. Publish online. These features will increase your readership and audience and help attract more ads.

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